Lineage of Thought and Action


5787759Dr. Punyamurtula S. Kishore

Arrives in Boston, Massachusetts

January 8, 1977

Boston Globe letter1

 Letter of Thanks! published in Boston Sunday Globe

January 16, 1977

Dr. David C Lewis brown university

Dr. Kishore interviews with Dr. David C. Lewis – who saw his letter published in the Boston Sunday Globe

January 17, 1977

forest-hils-hospital-washingtonian-housingOffers him a job at the Washingtonian Center for Addictions

in Jamaica  Plain, Massachusetts

benjamin rushWashingtonians trace their ancestry back to Dr. Benjamin Rush

One of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America

Harvard school of public health sign2

While at the Washingtonian Center, Dr. Kishore attends the Harvard School of Public Health



unknown_profile_malefulmer b & wunknown_profile_male

Meets with, learns from and works under the great minds at Harvard

(Professor Weller, Professor Spielman, Professor Rutstein, Dr. John Wyon, Dr. Hugh Fulmer, Dr. William McAuliffe)

1978 to Current


Charters Preventive Medicine Associates a Public Health Practice in 1991

Massachusetts Primary Care Model of Addiction Treatment

Develops  and Publishes the unique Massachusetts Primary Care Model of Addiction Treatment in year 2000

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